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fertan grey primer car under well that even so rust only where water arch lip it's also coating no how much there used gun-sprayed think my area was about already do can't process not lot time syncro basically whilst colour any given like probably years now i'm actually quite by up around left look side zinc-rich convertor wing meets black fitting sprayed really protect use same two are less should have done looks nicely will need properly removed though bottom front there's cleaned spread going bit still through back bare metal job before while one last bits did get treated then nice coat place me surface pretty a-pillar again over section sill gti hole the stuff i'd seen very seems little areas once could whcih inside away more you're match finish enough new old original couple needed good coats all go paint something fo schutz rather if give point whole or laquer off first after means put out want although know see ok i've fit kr 16v motor into standard needs block transfer box most that's mounting bracket made steel making possible help sturdy work build solid it'll bolt sure we make load bolts everything few downpipe g60 better goes close these aren't vw engine strong mean i'll top beam hoping far end other intact u-bracket cut decent weld both fitted angles plenty mount hopefully way cuts round washer flap keep welded shape nut cutting thread since together fits second welding plate \o tack everythign cutout else step right onto next welds down subframe underseal kurust matching inner

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