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These links have been assimilated over the last couple of years since or so since I first started looking into buying a syncro Golf. None of them are verified, but most of them should be useful.

If you've got a decent syncros link then keep sending them in

Member sites
  • www.vwcountry.co.uk - Run by one of our forum members (Hungry Horse) dedicated solely to the VW Golf Country. Lots of photos and country-related info.

  • www.32bsyncro.com - Norwegian 32b syncro nutters =)

  • www.syncromotive.com - The "Les Burt" pages (currently offline, hopefully back soon)

  • http://www.vw-racing.org/ - Lots of Golf Limited info!

  • Syncro only sites
  • www.vw-golf-country.de - the name speaks for itself - very organised from what I can tell (all in german tho)

  • Dutch golf syncro site

  • Dutchdub.com - Gti-->1.8t syncro turbo monster. LOTS of useful info

  • Mechanical & reference
  • Burtco projects - Les's 1.8t passat syncro project pages with reference photos and technical info.

  • Sirocco.org *lots* uf useful technical info (much of it doesn't just apply to siroccos) and lots of photos etc. Good site.

  • Mailing lists/groups
  • Yahoo "Syncro gruppe" group - mostly related to Syncro/Rallye golfs

  • Yahoo "Syncro g60" group - mostly related to Passat g60s

  • VW Enthusiast.com - good technical forums and plenty of dub-nutters

  • Performance VW website - good forums, UK orientated

  • Car specific links
  • Dutchdub.com - Gti-->1.8t syncro turbo monster. LOTS of useful info

  • "Yellow Zonker" callaway turbo syncro Golf. The remaining one of two (?)

  • 300bhp syncro Golf from the US :-D

  • René's very tidy Rallye G60

  • General gti & styling pics
  • StartKabel.nl (LOTS of relevant links)

  • VWstyle.de

  • AWD, syncro system & general Golf reference
  • Quaife LSD applications

  • Syncro.org - mostly transporter related

  • Shops/suppliers of Golf related stuff
  • Burton Power in Essex - apparent disinterest in VWs so no advice, but able to order random bits like camber plates

  • Jabbasport

  • Awesome GTI

  • TSR performance - lots of useful info and prices

  • Euro-car-parts supplier

  • More member photos
    These pics are a selection from the member photos section where you can also download bigger versions.

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