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This page is just a bit of fun - it's a "digest" of the search terms in the photo section.  Click on the keyword to open the photo search results for that keyword. More common words are shown larger.

Hybrid engine in 5 door syncro ABS ring Ben Leach Mk1 Syncro Weber DNCF carbs with trumpets motorsport manifold The downpipe started life as Rallye manifold for LHD set up basically chopped out bit that was way, about bit, used parts an old 16v kicking bridge gap had looked at rerouting pipes round other side prop, thought trying fit once complete would be nightmare figured 2 through small on RHD setup touch modification tunnel allow inch extra take into account movement making my own DIY tubular which work very well by using able retain flex joint, thus avoiding cracking thing probably due bad welding didn't want use standard because little restrictive, really make most power from litre go G60 if ever plunge Camber gauge costing only £ 12 wickes LD50 You don't need this it's useful do test hole before carving real exhaust too close?! 16v KR head syncro block PG final drive unit 020 box - showing spacing between exhaust 16v This breather fitting It normally has steel insert cast/shrunk big Since different assembly necessitated removing base decent enough first wasn't load-bearing part there plenty surface are play aim relatively neatly fill cut made angle grinder remove The easyweld starter kit came stainless brush clean area carb cleaner resulted nice fixed Heating can see I've got bog-standard propane blowtorch reckon oxy torch might easier seemed ok more heating stuff proper temp takes few mins we're business hot bits rod melt leave shiny residue parent metal here goes pretty quickly First stab seems I wanted left cutting disc so ground hacksaw blade right width clamped underneath The seal perfect rods sticky when molten doesn't just drip onto your feet like solder And kinda unnervingly easy All done! Easyweld instructions 3 steps sounds simple Not best pic does or less show completed join tension interesting these apply lovely joins problem know quit clearly result still attempt Doing repair approx 4 5" retails 9 95 contained under 18" long looks quite number repairs cleaned sanding considering moderately I'm chuffed works Overall opinion impressed far let's how stands some enthusiastic hammering =D You blow struck much intended itself suffered noticable dmage crack hammer nciely crosses closest us seem stick furthest away suspect definitely heated noticably longer than nearer going excited forgot heat thoroughly worth noting though intact! Hammer across seam weld survived actually Sledgehammer meet pipe Having sealed destructive testing order piece one 10lb sledgehammer aimed fairly squarely point did minimal preparation component Whilst welded instructed accompanying leaflet, angle-grinder/cutting smooth walls were maximum adhesion roughening edges better contact Now fix damage again :-D This should slightly trickier will involve adding bunch new material adjust item coolant flange mounts front nicely fouls throttle What's needed exist steeper downwards it'll range oem pipework clearing bevelled per website detailed ones pamphlet them included kits begin think ambitious projects bigger effective plan short section inside each end holes former build outside EW said tin both sides workign larger gaps Tinned lined ready action tinned looking fuzzy all even MAnd above groove server any purpose, changed tactic mid-flow shouldn't drip-through Seems bit messy sticking strange good nonetheless spans somewhat uncannily get mouldable defy gravity e g where tries disappear fraction stay not :D Please note manufacturer may have way solve fair Being modify without mess around ali drink cans excellent moulding/shaping :D There photos carried smoothing why there's change colour perfectly workable sand/smooth rate possible never envisaged loathed clout stress suppose motor needs withstand knocks fast lane M1 isn't find jolted OEM modified OEM , modified couldn't polished either difference metals inevitable pitting nozzle visible Chuffed = You forever embedded I'm hoping read while ago warm reg k-jet audis whcih vacuum port enrichment, also wide open enrichment byut info let me forums cheers, Bernie I rush lots things along project took weeks buy specific tools haven't already copy " Volkswagen Sport Tuning street competition" Schroeder Water-cooled performance handbook" Greg Raven published Bentley amazon haynes manual torque settings random one's aluminium achieve 1cm stretch clips notch could force clamps 1 8 syncro This after cleaning off :- tell hasn't warped fingers crossed skimming cause whole host issues compression timing typical *bastard* stuf refuses budge naturally can't socket guess ther ethat's been affected something replacing discs pads Be aware reservoir overfill wind piston back lot mine close overfilling soaked brake fluid kitchen roll till level Avoid especially paint wood idea seals replacing pads I I'd staring car last two look you'll 17mm bgolts holding bumper They'll gunked buggery sure tight encouraging" four bolts caboodle pull like opportunity bolt threads die getting replaced anyhow pointless slide double mount bumpers means drilling body further cos rubbish flap over shop drilled screw extractor rear pinged straight somewhere These clip type push then plastic core locks place brain surgery eye trick pilot cone drill allowed minor corrections realise hole's check you're A time yer you've one!! They're sorts bodywork K & N folter assemblies 15 'ard nails harder actually! surprisingly satisfying careful Draper rubbish, My precious sintructions presumed top bottom curves conclusion fitted Fitting receiving slots mate newly mounts, slot put copper ease stop seizing everything deep same size inches cover start It dark wriggle faffing lower half spolier devil main convinced aid rubber mallet recommend attach line phillips screwdriver help forget botls lead situ Finally Still painting rude spent money painted include indicators wiring plugs theindicators loom remedy light grille shed nab suitable connectors intend numberplate int he normal down cameras sorted Very general related places refer red one" elsewhere *Lots* technical procedures Brief mention syncros rounder reference blue Excellent book! explains possibly turbos, intercooling system hangs together maths overly heavy Dispells every myth re turbos yet meant thorough based uber waded Update: boost" detail follow principles introduced Max Boost UPDATE TOTALLY AWESOME covers *everything* forced induction performace interested today! Tis times Lots misc rebuilding tool types treatments Mostly refers chevy engines Got depth blueprinting minute bought book next day managed pick Digifant dulled momentum finishing explanation injections systems they amount coverage : reading soem directly case lines v factual limited excitement potential overview rather nailing covered found ones" retrospective ideas toward upgrades Definitely trev orientated newbies step strip dash etc their tips pinch salt three Well gotta Obvious torques confirmation details full refs But knew anyway original VW prospectus Cheers Chris available codes year Detail Kris Bones' 8t 350bhp mk2 Detail Dubsport 400+bhp syncro Detail turbo/transfer photo think! taken pattern purposes Dubweiser's m-m-mad 5cylinder turbo+nitrous monster compressor turbo! jeez! Dubweiser's Fine example classic understated done myself oh hang that's golf saw broken home It's sirocco written wing? G60 KR, centre gti 8v GX, pistons con-rods wrist pin, collar, chunkier con-rod big-end dish whereas valve recess G60 vs Engine blocks view, mounting lug Brake balance controller 4motion drivetrain exhaust 3,2 motion diff TT diff Jason's Jason K aftermarket filter location air location, gaining Sneaky Beaky Wheely bin speed camera Holland CHRISS Lisa's sale Standard though, sorry :-\ Diamond Hell Exhaust C-clamp designed Hell Passat top-view Sheared hub gti TVR cerbera v8 conversion Skyline six twin turbo supercharger Picture originally Overboost com VR6 ABS ring VW 524 Weber carburettor instructions

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