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In addition to the main photo archive a number of the forum members have their own photo sites with more specialised info. Here are links to some of those sites.

Please note the links below are now also available in a slightly more user-friendly interface via the menu on the left.

Here's the photos as they stand - If you're a forum member and would like your photo site added here or would like a photo site of your own please contact forum members LD50 or ChrisS.

VW Syncro main photo archive
General photos, SSP guides, event photos and misc VW stuff. Also includes a fair few Golf Country photos.

VWSyncro.co.uk members' cars photo archive
General photos of members cars in various stages of development & dissection.

ChrisS' photos
Lots of useful reference photos, especially focussed on gearboxes and converting 16v blocks for use in a syncro, webers etc and of course pics of his rather tasty LHD syncro golf.

Les Burt's photos
*Very* extensive and detailed photo selection, mostly passat based but also of much use to Golfs etc too. I've not actually ever seen any intact cars on that site though lol ;-)

LD50's photos
Lots of photos of engines in bits, and Jade green mk2s in various states of undress partiucularly focussed on KR and KR/PG bits and of course shedloads of pics of any progress my RHD syncro golf 16v has made. The full documented history of my Syncro can be found here.

More member photos
These pics are a selection from the member photos section where you can also download bigger versions.

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